Articles shared by our Board of Directors & Staff:

“The Status of End-of-Life Care in the United States | The Glass Is Half Full” - Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD

“Letting Her Be in Charge” - Lynn E. Fiellin, MD

“How strangers touching strangers transformed the moment of death.” - Charles Wohlforth

“Your father was gasping for breath. The hospice care providers had not yet trained you in how to respond. So you called 911.” - Daniela J. Lamas, M.D.

“My hospice patients were dying, but they still longed for fresh air and birdsong.” - Rachel Clarke

“She lost her husband, her father and a pregnancy at 31. Now she’s helping others explore grief.” - Marjorie Brimley

“The funeral as we know it is becoming a relic — just in time for a death boom.” -Karen Heller

“A Good Life And A Good Death: What Is Palliative Care?” - Health Inc.

‘Will You Stay With Me Until I Die?’ - Lori Gottlieb