Hospice and Palliative Care of Kodiak (HPCK) works with medical professionals throughout Kodiak, as well as many other facilities and organizations. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with an end-of-life illness, there are many avenues to get support from our organization.

How to submit a referral form to HPCK:

  1. Talk to your Primary Care Provider and request for them to submit the form.

  2. Talk to the Providence Care Team while at the Hospital.

  3. Fill out a referral form (provided below) and submit the form directly to HPCK Staff.

Once HPCK receives the referral form, we will contact the person(s) listed for point of contact. We schedule a visit at the clients home, hospital, or assisted living facility and do an ‘intake' to determine what the needs are for us to become a part of the clients plan of care. After all paperwork is signed, we will reach out to the clients Primary Care Provider and Providence Care Team to start the collaborative efforts of supporting the client and their family members.